Venetian Love Affair

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Go to the festive Venice and become a fashion stylist for two girlfriends, each of whom dreams of an unforgettable fancy dress. Create unique masks with great designs and choose luxurious Baroque dresses, jewelry and accessories. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of mystery and romance of the Venetian carnival. Unleash your talent as a fashion designer in a unique way for the masquerade participants. Get ready for a magical journey into the world of love and mysteries!

Help two best friends prepare for an important holiday for them - the Venetian carnival. Create unique masquerade masks for each of the girls. Complete the look with shiny jewelry, a luxurious Baroque dress and, of course, a fan. The result can be saved as a PNG image. Depending on the gaming device, a computer mouse click or a simple touch on touch screens is used to control it.




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